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 S-BAND Diplexer and Coupler

Model S-BAND Diplexer and Coupler

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・This diplexer consists of coupler, circulator, and band pass filter.
・By selecting connection from antenna to the terminal, user can choose how to use antenna. To share common antenna for uplink and downlink, antenna is connected to J5 terminal, and J3 and J4 are connected to each other. To use antenna uplink and downlink separately, RX antenna is connected to J3 terminal, and dummy loads are connected to J4 terminal.



Attenuation in BPF1                        < - 70 dB at specified S-band freq
Attenuation in BPF2                        < - 80 dB at specified S-band freq
Transmitting line insertion loss        < 5.5 dB
Receiving line insertion loss            < 1.5dB
Transmitting line VSWR                  < 1.3
Receiving line VSWR                       < 1.3
BPF1 passband width                      > 2.5 MHz
BPF2 passband width                      >500 KHz

Function Divider and coupler with band pass filter
Mechanical Size: 71 x 120 x 30(H) mm
Weight: 440 g
Power N/A
Environment Temperature: -10~+50 degC
Sine: 25 G (5-100Hz)
Random: 23 Grms (20-2000Hz)
Radiation: < 10krad

Block Diagram

Diplexer and Coupler