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DPL-4.2GF is a frequency Synthesizer which can generate any frequency from 50MHz to 4.2GHz ,

utilizing PLL technique(Phase Locked Loop)in 1Hz step.

It can be used as a clock source or local oscillator for any application because of its excellent phase noise and low spurious level.

When a sine wave is needed, low pass filter should be attached for removing harmonics.

The frequency can be set not only with asynchronous serial data but by SPI serial data.

USB Interface adaptor is available as an option.


Power Supply/Current +6V+/-5%, <700mA
Frequency Range 50MHz-4.2GHz
Frequency Resolution 1 Hz step
Output Level >+10dBm
Output Impedance 50 Ohm
Spurious <-60 dBc
Harmonics <-8 dBc
Phase Noise 4GHz typical

-80dBc/Hz at 100Hz

-97dBc/Hz at 1KHz

-102dBc/Hz at 10KHz

-105dBc/Hz at 100KHz

-126dBc/Hz at 1MHz


 Internal Reference Clock Accuracy  <+/-2ppm 0-50 degree C
 External Reference Clock and Level  10MHz -6dBm ~ +6dBm
 External Clock Input Impedance  High Impedance (>1K Ohm)
 Lock Time  max 5msec

(1) SPI: from SPI_STRB rise edge to detection of PLL_LD

(2) SCI: from receipt of "CR" to detection of PLL_LD


 Operating Temperature Range

 0 ~ +50 degree C(In case of being installed with thermal resistance

5.0 degree C/W heat sink

 Outer Dimensions  50mmx60mmx12.5mm

about 80gs(module)

about 160gs(including heat Sink)


(1)Asynchronous Serial Communication

9600bps, 8 bit, 1 stop bit, non parity 3.3V CMOS level

(2)SPI serial communication 3 bytes data 3.3V CMOS level

Phase Noise



      USB Interface  USBIF-01