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DDS/PLL-based Programmable Frequency Synthesizer Model DPL3.2GXF


Model DPL-3.2GXF


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DPL-3.2GXF is a wide band synthesizer utilizing 48 bit DDS(Direct Digital Synthesizer)
and PLL(Phase Locked Loop) technique. It provides pure sine wave signal output from
5MHz ~ 3.2GHz in 0.001Hz steps.
It is completely phase synchronious to an external clock and a phase offset can be set too.
The stable output level has been achieved in the range of -40dBm~ +14dBm with ALC function.


- 0.1 degree step phase control
- 0.1dB step output level control
- Low phase noise
- the stable output level with ALC
- 0.001Hz frequency resolution
- low harmonic
- single power supply +5V
- wide band (5MHz~3.2GHz)
- Optional Board available to control settings without PC


Power Supply +5V~+7V 1.5A
Frequency range 5MHz~3200MHz
Frequency resolution 0.001Hz
Output Level +14dBm~ -40dBm
RF OFF output level -60dBm or less
Output level accuracy ±1dB or less(output level -30dBm or more)
±2dB or less(output level from under -30dBm~ -40dBm exclusive)
Output level resolution 0.1dB
Phase offset range -360.0°~+360.0°
Phase offset resolution 0.1°
Output impedance nominal 50Ω
Spurious -60dBc or less
Harmonic spurious -30dBc or less
Note that the output level is less than +10dBm,+5V~+7V supply voltage.
Internal reference clock
Frequency accuracy
Long term frequency stability
±2.5ppm or less(0°C~+50°C)
±1ppm or less per year
External reference input
Input level


+6dBm( ±3dB)
50 Ω

Asynchronous serial data RS-232C
Use a straight cable for PC serial port
D-Sub 9 pin
Environmental condition
Operating temperature range
Dimension W100xH35xD100(mm)
Weight 300g

Phase Noise(Typical) under the internal reference clock mode



Frequency setting board FIX-2.5GX



Fix-3.2GX is an optional control board for DPL-3.2GXF to set frequencies, output level, ON/OFF set of RF and so on with a LCD display and an encoder on the board. Also, the level converter is available for CMOS, the differential PECL, and the differential LVDS which are very useful as a logic circuit clock source.

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