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Satellite Components S-BAND Transceiver DSTRX-1

 S-BAND Transceiver  DSTRX-1

Model S-BAND Transceiver DSTRX-1

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DSTRX-1 is S-band transponder developed for small satellite application with support of NESTRA and Tokyo University. Main features of this transponder are low mass and low volume and low power consumption. Optional diplexer can be mounted and it can save volume. Flexible design architecture can meet various transponder requirements.


・Optimized for micro satellites
・Low mass and low volume
・Low power consumption <1.2W @RX
・Optional diplexer is available
・Transmitter DATA rate 4k-64k
・Telemetry/Telecommand via RS-422


Total Volume 120x80x47mm
Total Mass 740g (including diplexer)
Power Consumption RX: 1.2W
TX: 4.3W @23dBm RF OUT
DC Voltage 22V~36V
AFC Range +/-170KHz
RX Sensitivity -111dBm @1E-5BER
RX Frequency Range 2025~2110MHz
RX DATA bit rate 4KBPS NRZ
RX Modulation PCM-PSK-PM
TX Power Max. +26dBm
TX Frequency Range 2200~2290MHz
TX Modulation BPSK
TX Bit rate 4K~64KBPS
Frequency Stability +/-20ppm
Operating Temperature -20 degC~+60 degC